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In Lviv, a 20-year-old man robbed a bus driver and was detained

In Lviv, an attacker was arrested on suspicion of robbing a shuttle bus driver

The law enforcement officers remind once again that in the conditions of martial law, the maximum punishments are provided for committing theft, robbery, robbery, extortion, as well as for misappropriation, waste of property or possession of it by abuse of official position.

According to the police, on April 9 at around 1:00 p.m. on Zeleniya Street in Lviv, a passenger of a Lviv-Novyi Rozil route bus took possession of proceeds in the amount of 1,140 hryvnias from the driver of the vehicle. The man tried to stop the assailant, but he hit him several times on the head and tried to run away. Other passengers of the bus came to the aid of the driver, who called the emergency line 102 and helped detain the attacker.

Criminal police operatives and investigators of police department No. 2 of Lviv district police department No. 2 established the identity of the attacker – he turned out to be a 20-year-old resident of Lviv. He is detained in accordance with Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

Investigators of the territorial division of the police, under the procedural guidance of the Frankiv District Prosecutor’s Office, informed the detainee of the suspicion of committing a criminal offense provided for in Part 4 of Article 186 (Robbery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The sanction of the article provides for punishment – deprivation of liberty for a term of seven to ten years.

The pre-trial investigation is ongoing, soon the court will choose a preventive measure for the detainee.

Communications Department of the Lviv Oblast Police

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