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In Lviv, a man put his 9-year-old daughter behind the wheel and bragged about it on video

Блогер посадив за кермо 9-річну дівчину та хизувався цим на відео

Blogger puts a 9-year-old girl behind the wheel and shows off on video

An anti-example. He put his 9-year-old daughter behind the wheel and posted a video.

The video went viral on various social networks. The author probably thought that it was cool and fun to “live like that.” But the majority of law-abiding citizens were rightly furious. Which was natural.

Because it was not cool, it was facepalm.

Of course, we found this 31-year-old blogger and drew up reports under Part 1 of Article 184 (Failure of parents or persons in loco parentis to fulfill their child-rearing responsibilities) and Part 2 of Article 126 (transfer of control of a vehicle to a person who is not authorized to drive such a vehicle) CUAO.
“Yeah, guys, you don’t need to live”

Thank you.

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