Кримінальні події

In Lviv, motorcycle patrol officers stopped a motorcycle driver for violating traffic rules, and it all ended with the seizure of the vehicle

Yesterday afternoon, Lviv motorcycle patrols, patrolling at the intersection of Stryyska and Naukova streets, noticed a driver on a Moto Guzzi motorcycle who was riding without a helmet

Security guards stopped the driver. During the inspection of the documents, the patrol officers found that the license plate belonged to another vehicle. The documents were also not all right.

The 44-year-old driver provided the motorcycle patrol with a motorcycle registration certificate that was not registered in the database. According to the chassis number, another owner is recorded in the database, and the series and number are different.

The motorcycle patrol called the investigator of the Lviv District Office to the scene of the incident to recover the vehicle and further investigative actions.

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