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In Lviv, the driver destroyed the side view mirror while overtaking and fled the scene of the accident. Video

A car broke a side-view mirror and fled the scene of an accident: patrol policemen tracked down the offender

The other day, we received a report of an accident that occurred on Chervona Kalynya Avenue. The driver of a BMW 535 failed to keep a safe interval, as a result of which he collided with a Renault Megane and fled the scene.

The patrol policemen took all the necessary materials and handed them over to the accident investigation department. The next day, the inspectors identified and tracked down the 39-year-old fugitive.

Patrol policemen drew up two reports against the driver: under Art. 124 (Violation of traffic rules that led to an accident) and Art. 122-4 (Leaving the scene of a traffic accident) of the CAO.

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