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A traitor collaborator who wanted to flee to the EU was detained in Lviv.

SBU and National Police detain collaborator who helped occupants to imprison Ukrainians in temporarily occupied part of Zaporizzhia

The SBU and the National Police prevented a collaborator, who was a member of the occupation “Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs” in the temporarily occupied part of Zaporizzhya, from fleeing Ukraine. The offender was involved in the imprisonment of local resistance movement members.

SBU CI officers detained the offender in Lviv, where he arrived covertly for further departure to the European Union.

According to the investigation, the suspect is a resident of Vasylivskyi district in Zaporizzhia region, who joined the ranks of the occupation “district police department” in June 2022.

There he was appointed a “district officer of the juvenile department”. In this “position”, the collaborator fulfilled the Kremlin’s task of suppressing resistance to the invaders.

To do this, the offender was included in “punitive units” that abducted local residents right in the middle of the street or from their own homes.

Then, the Nazis took people to Russian torture chambers where they were subjected to severe torture, including electric shocks.

The collaborator, together with the armed occupiers, also robbed the homes of local residents under the guise of searches. They stole money, clothes, office equipment and other private property.

In addition, the defendant was involved in the protection of the occupation “election commissions” during the pseudo-referendum of the Russian Federation on the “accession” of the region to the aggressor country.

However, at the end of 2023, the offender moved to Lviv as an internally displaced person from the temporarily occupied territory in southern Ukraine.

In the city, the man settled with his relatives and was preparing to illegally cross the border to a neighboring EU country.

Based on the evidence collected, SBU investigators served him a notice of suspicion under Part 7 of Article 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (collaboration).

He is currently in custody. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

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