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The body of a 43-year-old local resident was found in a sewer well in Chervonohrad

Chervonohrad district: the body of a citizen born in 1979 in Chervonohrad was found in a sewer well

On April 28 at 01:46 the Rescue Service “101” received a report about what in Chervonohrad
(Chervonogradskaya MTG) on the street. Heroes of the Maidan, b / n Chervonohrad district in an open area in a sewer well (2 m deep) found the body of a citizen born in 1979.

Rescuers from Chervonohrad were sent to this event.

The body was pulled to the surface by the fire and rescue department with the help of a rope and a stick-stick, and handed over to the police.

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