Кримінальні події

In the “Krakivets” PE, the border guards discovered drug trafficking sites from abroad

Attempts to move drug-containing drugs across the border were stopped by the border guards at the checkpoint “Krakivets”

44-year-old and 53-year-old Ukrainians followed to Ukraine in Mercedes and Volkswagen minibuses. During the conversation with the border guards, the men reported that they were moving parcels to Ukraine. Taking into account the existing risks related to the illegal movement of narcotics across the border, the border guards together with the customs officers conducted an in-depth inspection of the cars.

Later, in the baggage compartment, in two boxes on which the recipients of the “transfer” were not indicated, the inspectors found a considerable number of tablets containing narcotic and psychotropic substances. A total of 730 pills and 8 ampoules were found.

The report on the discovery of the hidden movement of the specified drugs across the border was sent to the National Police.

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