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The hotel business of the Lviv region is encouraged to use the Diya application when checking in guests and checking their documents

In Lviv OVA, a working meeting was held with representatives of the hotel business of the Lviv region regarding the introduction of the “Diya” application in their establishments, which aims to speed up the registration of guests

“Many Ukrainians lost their documents or left them at home when the war caught them by surprise. This has further influenced the fact that we use Diya in everyday life, because digital documents are equated with paper ones. Therefore, hotels in the region should also take a step towards the people and integrate with Diya in order to speed up the settlement of their customers,” said the deputy head of Lviv OVA, Oleksandr Kulepin. In addition, more than 20 hotels in the Lviv region have introduced the possibility of transferring a copy of digital documents using the Diya application during check-in. Two methods of integration with “Action” were presented to the participants of the meeting: – The first is validation, which helps to check the validity of the document and identify the person, as well as to find out whether the document is genuine. – The second is sharing. The hotel, with the client’s consent, scans the code to verify his document, and then receives it in the form of metadata and a pdf file.

How to get copies of digital documents – Diya.QR. The service can be obtained by generating a QR on the Diya portal, so that customers can access a copy of their digital documents in a few simple steps.

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