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Lviv OVA invites developers to build industrial parks

The head of Lviv OVA, Maksym Kozytskyi, noted that Ukraine now faces two important economic challenges: it is necessary to provide work for a significant number of people who lost it due to hostilities, and also to restore the production of goods.

“Creation of industrial parks is beneficial both for those looking for work and for those looking for investment opportunities. All over the world, industrial parks are a good incentive for the development of industry. Favorable customs and tax regimes operate on their territory, which is good for everyone who starts a business,” the head of the region emphasized.

The Lviv regional state administration is interested in the economy working at full capacity.

“We invite developers to our region. Our specialists provide business with all necessary support. Contact the Investment Policy Department. We will build a successful and rich country together,” added Maksym Kozytskyi.

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