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What professions are in greatest demand in Lviv region

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The labour market in the Lviv region is actively developing, offering many vacancies for both experienced professionals and those looking for new opportunities.

Between January and 20 May this year, 5.7 thousand employers in the Lviv region reported having almost 25.6 thousand vacancies, including 3.9 thousand job offers from other sources. This is evidence of the intensification of processes in the local labour market and the growing demand for skilled workers in the region.

As of 20 May, the Employment Service database contained 12.1 thousand vacant jobs and vacant positions, of which 9.8 thousand were reported via the vacancy notification form (No. 3-PN).

The greatest shortage is of skilled workers with tools (seamstresses, bakers, mechanics, electric and gas welders, woodworking machine operators, electricians, painters, concrete workers), trade and service workers (cooks, salespeople, cashiers waiters, bartenders, security guards, hairdressers), as well as workers in the maintenance, operation and control of equipment and machinery (drivers, boiler operators, turners, milling operators, ice cream makers, product assemblers, etc.).

Employers are also looking for engineers of various profiles, doctors (family, physical and rehabilitation medicine, therapists, neurologists, traumatologists, psychiatrists), accountants, teachers, and nurses.

The agricultural sector offers jobs for tractor drivers, agronomists, drivers, and livestock breeders.

Among the simplest professions, cleaners, handymen, porters and janitors are in great demand.

A complete list of current job offers is available in the Single Job Portal application (https://jobportal.dcz.gov.ua/). Assistance in finding a job or staff is provided at the Lviv JCC units (contact http://surl.li/jpvpt).

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