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Military pensions: what changes have the Verkhovna Rada made?

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine amended the Law of Ukraine “On Pension Provision for Persons Released from Military Service and Certain Other Persons”. In particular, Article 22 sets the minimum amount of disability pension. According to Svitlana Sidelnyk, Head of the Citizen Service Department № 5 in Chervonohrad (Service Center) of the Citizen Service Department of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Lviv Oblast, the pensions concern National police, etc.

Therefore, the minimum amounts of disability pensions are set:

  • persons with disabilities as a result of the war from among recruits, soldiers and sailors
  • conscript service of the I group in the amount of 5025 hryvnias, II group – 4610 hryvnias,

III group – 4396 hryvnias;

  • other persons with disabilities from among conscripts, soldiers and conscripts
  • services of the I group in the amount of 4605 hryvnias, of the II group – 4396 hryvnias, of the III group – 4186 hryvnias.

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