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Three hundred enterprises of the Lviv region were presented in this year’s export catalog. Video

On July 8, the presentation of the catalog “Export potential of Lviv Oblast 2022” took place. This is an annual promotional publication in which entrepreneurs of the region are invited to present their products.


It is formed by the export support sector of the Department of Economic Policy of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

“The catalog is published in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English. This year, 300 Lviv Oblast enterprises from various industries were presented on the pages of the publication: construction, woodworking, light, machine-building, furniture, metalworking, printing, food, and chemical industries. Also, one more branch – services – was added to the new edition,” Stepan Kuybida, director of the economic policy department of the Lviv OVA, said.

This year’s edition is published only in online format.

You can familiarize yourself with the Catalog by following the link.

“Distribution of the catalog among international parterres increases the possibility of access of enterprises of Lviv Oblast to foreign markets. And that is why we invite export-oriented enterprises to present their activities and thus expand opportunities for further development,” said Veronika Burda, head of the export support sector of the economic policy department of the Lviv OVA.

The export support sector continues to accept applications from export-oriented companies of the Lviv region for the placement of information in the next editions of the catalog.

The application form is available at the link

It, as well as 4-6 high-quality photos of the goods manufactured by the company, a photo of the company itself, and the logo must be sent to the export support sector by mail: exportservice.loda@gmail.com Contact phone: +380 (68) 143 04 42.

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