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In January 2024, more than 10 thousand cashless fare payment transactions were recorded in Lviv region

This refers to the operation of the ASOP system on suburban and intercity public bus routes

In January, more than 10,000 transactions were made in the ASOP system in the region. For example, in December 2023, there were only 2,000 such transactions.

“Thanks to systematic work on the part of LOVA, the validators’ performance was ensured in a similar number of vehicles that are on the line daily according to GPS navigation data, namely 650 buses,” said Yuriy Buchko, deputy head of the Lviv Regional Autonomous Administration.

Repeated inspections of the operation of the ASOP have shown that the quality of the ASOP is improving. Of the 252 buses inspected, 75% had no comments to any of the parties. The level of comments to carriers has also decreased.

“We urge residents of Lviv region to actively use the implemented E-ticket system, as this will further encourage the transport industry to de-shadow the market and transparently set tariffs for the transportation of passengers on public bus routes,” said Orest Shulikovsky, Director of the Road Department of LOVA.

The Road Department calls on the residents of the region, in case of detecting facts of improper operation of the ASOP system (photo or video evidence), to contact the department to make management decisions and prevent such violations in the future. You can register your appeal by calling the short number of the Oblast Hotline – 112, or the Government Hotline – 1545.

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