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Four fpv drones purchased by Opilske community for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Four fpv drones have been purchased by the community of Opilsko village for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including one paid for by a private individual.

This was reported by the village elder Svitlana Kolyada.

“These birds are currently being manufactured and will be delivered to one of the military units in the hot zone in some time.

I would also like to remind you that earlier three Kamikaze fpv drones were purchased by people from Zabuzhzhya. During these two years of war, the community of the Opillya starosta district has been constantly helping the frontline. This includes assistance in the purchase of military equipment, thermal imagers, military gear, making trench candles and weaving camouflage nets and kikimoras. Everyone unitedly sent the guys delicious food and medicine, and constantly transferred money for the needs of the Armed Forces,” Svetlana said.

“Thank you to every person! Glory to Ukraine!

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