Стислий огляд подій

Only for the previous day 13 arsonists were caught in Lviv region

Lviv region is on fire! Yesterday alone, 13 arsonists were caught red-handed.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of warmth, the number of fires in ecosystems immediately increases. The “woeful owners” are actively organizing their plots by burning everything around them.

We urge you AGAIN!!! Do not burn dead wood, do not provoke fires in ecosystems!

Setting fire to dry grass is punishable by law in the form of a fine ranging from UAH 3,060 to UAH 6,120.

In Lviv region, raid teams have already started working to punish people for burning dry vegetation. Usually, violators are found quickly.

The raid teams are representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the Environmental Inspectorate, the National Police and local authorities.

Yesterday alone, 13 “owners” were fined in the Lviv region for burning dead wood on their household plots, in fields, and near houses. Administrative reports were drawn up against the caught arsonists.

We urge citizens to stop burning dry grass! Each arson not only causes significant damage to the environment by destroying wildlife, but also poses a threat to human life.
Be conscious! Do not destroy your native land!

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