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Three women get lost in the mountains in Stryi region


Mountain rescuers find women who got lost in the forest

Today, on 16 June, rescuers received a report that three women had gotten lost near the Gurkalo waterfall in Stryi district. As it turned out, the women had gone hiking, set up camp for the night, and in the morning realised they were lost.

Luckily, the women had their phones with them and were able to contact the rescuers to report their situation. The mountain rescuers immediately set out to search for them. Thanks to their professionalism, the women were quickly found and brought out of the forest.

This case highlights the importance of preparation and caution when hiking in the mountains and forests. Rescuers remind you of several key safety rules:
1. Before going hiking, carefully plan your route and inform the rescuers about your plans.
2. Take a map, compass, enough water and food with you. Always take a charged phone with you.

Rescuers urge all outdoor enthusiasts to be careful and always follow safety rules. This will help avoid unpleasant situations and ensure a safe return home.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and let your hikes bring only pleasant impressions!

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