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Lviv will arrange a sports and recreational area on the beach of the Shchyrets Reservoir

Lviv will set up a water sports recreation area on the beach of the Shchyrets Reservoir. The decision was unanimously approved by the executive committee of the Pustomyty City Council on April 19.

According to Liubomyr Zubach, Deputy Mayor of Lviv for Urban Development, this is not a capital project, but rather an improvement project. The sports center will be equipped with extra-budgetary funds. And everyone will be able to use it. Importantly, this location will also be used to develop sports rehabilitation for the Ukrainian military. The area will be as inclusive as possible.

It should be noted that Lake Navariya is used by Lvivteploenergo, but is located on the territory of the Pustomyty community. Therefore, Lviv applied to the Pustomyty community for the necessary permission to arrange the landscaping there. During the consideration of the issue, architect Taras Sulyk presented the concept of the area’s improvement to the members of the executive committee and the audience. It includes the installation of landscaping elements, arrangement of sports grounds, pedestrian paths, camping sites, reorganization of the parking area, etc.

“The main functional purpose of Navariya Lake is a technical reservoir of Lvivteploenergo, but it is an ideal place for rest, recreation and sports. And we have set ourselves an ambitious goal – to create a high-quality sports and recreational area at one of the lake’s locations as part of the UNBROKEN-Sport program.

For some time now, we have been working together with the Pustomyty City Council and the Rowing Federation and have chosen a location where we want to start building a sports center where children can train, where our military who need it can rest and undergo rehabilitation procedures.

We have developed the first stage of this project, which involves landscaping and arrangement of certain elements: paths, platforms, temporary structures,” said Mr. Zubach.

The official also emphasized that, outside of competitions and rehabilitation activities, this space will be available to everyone.

“There will be unimpeded access to the reservoir, no one is going to fence anything. The territory will be monitored to keep it in good condition. Outside of competitions and rehabilitation activities, this space will be open and accessible,” assured Liubomyr Zubach.

He also added that the territory will be landscaped with extra-budgetary funds.

“We want to implement all the activities at the expense of the investor together with the Rowing Federation. And we have such people who understand the importance of sports and sports facilities, including, of course, the rehabilitation of the military,” said Zubach.

Oleh Serniak, Mayor of Pustomyty, also emphasized the importance of implementing this project. He noted that it is very important to develop the lake as a sports and recreational location, as many of our defenders need such rehabilitation.

“This is especially important now, when many people, defenders, have been injured, lost limbs, and they need to restore both their psychological and physical health. And such an area as the lake should be used to improve the health of our defenders.

We hope that in the future this cooperation between the Lviv and Pustomytyn communities will be joined by the Sokilnytsia and Solonka communities, which are geographically close to Lake Navariya. And this project can be developed.

It should also be understood that the land under and around the reservoir is owned by the Pustomyty community. And all the property under construction is owned by the Lviv community, on the balance sheet of Lvivteploenergo,” said Oleh Serniak.

It should be noted that swimming in the lake is not recommended. However, according to Roman Kizyma, deputy director of the Department of Natural Resources, Construction and Community Development at Lviv City Hall, the water quality allows for rowing.

It should be added that Lviv has also previously developed a set of measures to clean and revitalize the reservoir. After all, the rivers that fill the lake are mostly polluted with sewage. In particular, at the end of last year, a Memorandum was signed and agreed between the Lviv City Council, Pustomyty City Council, Sokilnytsia Village Council, and the Western Bug and Xiang River Basin Water Resources Management Authority on the intention to find common ways to ensure the purity of the reservoir and the rivers that fill it – Shchyrka, Malechkovych, and Kovyr.


This artificial reservoir was created in the 50s of the last century specifically for the needs of Lviv CHP-1. The lake covers 115 hectares and is located on the territory of the Pustomyty community. It is in permanent use by the Lviv community.

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