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Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred honoured in Sokal today

Freedom has cost Ukraine a great deal. The list of heroes of Ukraine of all generations was replenished with the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, and today it is being replenished with the Heroes who are dying in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Already 53 Heroes of the Sokal community have died for our European future. This was emphasised by the Sokal City Council.

There were a lot of Sokal residents among the participants of the events on the Maidan, and the 10th Sokal Hundred of the Maidan Self-Defence actively participated.

Today we continue to fight the Moscow occupier. In memory of the Heroes of the Maidan, we will defend the Ukrainian land, and the Ukrainian flag will fly over Donetsk, Avdiivka, Kherson and Crimea.

Let us remember the price paid for our freedom. Ukrainians will never surrender, retreat, or betray the memory of their heroes. They will fight to the end, until the final victory over the enemy.

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