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In Lviv, near the Sosnovsky Palace, a metal gate with an original decoration was restored

In the historical part of Lviv, in the building at 1 I. Levinsky Street, a metal gate was restored. The work was carried out within the framework of the city’s co-financing program for the restoration of valuable elements in historic buildings.

The gate had significant damage, in particular, the authentic hardware was lost, and instead of glazing, there were metal sheets.

“The lower part of this gate was destroyed by corrosion, and under a thick layer of old paint there was a lot of damage and lost small decorative elements. To restore all this, we spent about three months,” noted master restorer Yuri Mykolaishyn.

Specialists restored the lost elements, installed new glazing of the gate and the upper skylight, as well as manufactured and installed new handles.

It is interesting that the original decrottoir has been preserved next to the gate, in other words, a “scraper” for cleaning shoes from dirt and snow. It was also restored.

The total cost of the restoration works was UAH 69,500.

“From this sum, the city paid UAH 48,618, and the rest – the residents,” said Pavlo Bogajchyk, director of the “Heritage Bureau” LKP.

By the way, in 2022, 29 gates were restored in the historical part of the city, in cooperation with the residents. According to the Co-financing Program for Restoration of Valuable Elements in Historic Buildings, when restoring gates, 70% of the cost of the work is financed from the city budget, and 30% is paid by residents.

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