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Tenth McDonald’s to be built in Lviv


Another establishment of the well-known chain will be located in the Ryasne neighbourhood in Lviv. This will be the third establishment of the chain to be built in the city during the full-scale invasion.

This was announced by the Deputy Mayor of Lviv for Urban Development Liubomyr Zubach.

The Department of Architecture and Spatial Development of the city has received an application for the issuance of urban planning conditions and restrictions – the construction of a McDonald’s restaurant at 311B Shevchenko Street in the Ryasnyi district of Lviv. This was announced during the current meeting of the executive committee.

The entrepreneurs bought the 0.58-hectare plot from the city at a land auction. Until now, there were chaotic vegetable gardens here.

The building will be standard for McDonald’s. And next to it will be a two-storey shopping centre.

“If we follow the analogy with the burger index, we can conclude that business in Lviv is developing and moving in a good direction. And the better the business develops, the more the city can help the Armed Forces,” said Zubach.

According to the detailed plan of the territory, the eastern side of the future facility will be used for a public garden adjacent to the shopping centre building. The square will be arranged at the investor’s expense.

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