Стислий огляд подій

No signs of rabies were found in dogs and cats on the territory of Lion Municipal Company

Dogs and cats kept in enclosures in the Lev municipal utility company are checked daily for clinical signs of rabies. According to the Department of Housing and Infrastructure, as of today, February 24, no signs of the disease have been found in the animals.

“After the incident that occurred on February 22, when a stray animal died, which was caught the day before by employees of Lev Municipal Company and the autopsy showed that it had rabies, all animals on the territory of the enterprise will be checked for signs of rabies. Such checks will be carried out daily as long as the quarantine is in effect. Let me remind you that it was announced for 60 days.

We remind pet owners to vaccinate their pets against rabies. This can be done in clinics where these animals are registered or at the State Veterinary Clinic at 9 Promyslova Street,” said Orest Tymchyshyn, Director of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure of the Lviv City Council.

We remind you that on February 21 in the morning, Lev Municipal Company received a report of a stray dog on Gogol Street. A team was immediately sent to catch the animal and bring it to the territory of the enterprise.

The dog was vaccinated and showed no signs of rabies, but in the afternoon, suspicions arose, and on February 22, in the morning, the dog died. A laboratory examination showed that the cause of death was rabies.

As a result, an emergency meeting of the city’s anti-epizootic commission was held, at which it was decided to quarantine Lev and introduce a 5-kilometer quarantine zone around the place where the dog was captured, i.e. Gogol Street.

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