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In Chervonograd, the swimming pool of the Shakhtar Sports Complex was renewed.

Хто має пільги з безкоштовного відвідування басейну СК «Шахтар»

Deputies of the Chervonograd Municipality confirmed the procedure for providing benefits for the cost-free access to the swimming pool of the Shakhtar Sports Complex.

The right to benefits:

◾️ participants in combat operations and individuals with disabilities as a result of the war, who took/are taking part in combat actions, ongoing approaches to national security and defense, starting from 2014;
◾️individuals released from military service, who recovered from disability during military service and took part in combat operations, military deployments from national security and defense and;
◾️military servicemen, called up for military service for a prize during the hour of mobilization for a special period to ensure the defense of Ukraine, who are undergoing military service, who are demobilized and do not lose their status as combatants , individuals with disabilities;
◾️military servicemen accepted for military service under a contract before the ZSU and other military formations;
◾️the families of the dead/dead military servicemen, the homelands of the fallen and unknown military servicemen;
◾️children of war veterans and military servicemen, children with disabilities up to 18 years of age, individuals with disabilities from childhood, orphans, children of the elderly father’s pokluvaniya .

The benefits are paid at the cost of the local budget, starting from 1st June 2024. Until then, the Shakhtar Sports Complex is obliged to develop regulations in order to ensure the provision of these benefits to the designated categories of people.

As informed by the medical officer of the enterprise Bohdan Lishchinsky, in order to conduct a pool trace, the family physician will be informed about the presence of contraindications:

varstіst vіdvіduvannya swimming pool at the sports complex “Shakhtar” near metro Chervonograd

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