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In Drohobych, hromada’s educational institutions are replenished with museum rooms

In addition to the well-known and popular museum complexes that operate in Drohobych and receive tourists on a daily basis, the Drohobych community is replenished with museum rooms that are set up in educational institutions and libraries.

Such public museum spaces have an educational purpose, but their thematic profile is different – each institution chooses it independently.

Volodymyr Khanas, Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism Development, informed about the arrangement of public museums and the work that is being done in this direction.

According to the official, such museum rooms have already been set up in several educational institutions of the Drohobych community and in the library, where there is a room-museum of Vyacheslav Chornovil.

Lyceum No. 1 has a museum of the history of the educational institution, Bohdan Lepkyi Scientific Lyceum has a museum of the lyceum, gymnasium No. 11 in Stebnyk has a mother’s museum room, a museum room of folklore and a museum room named after Taras Zozulia, Lishnyanskyi educational complex has a folk museum of the history of teachers and education in Drohobych region, and gymnasium No. 5 has a museum room dedicated to Serhii Kulchytskyi and fallen heroes from Drohobych.

Additionally, those responsible for public museums will be trained on how to properly form the museum’s exposition, how to register exhibits and how to conduct excursions in order to attract as many visitors as possible, popularize the exhibits collected there and introduce children and other visitors to the history of the institution and the latest Heroes,” noted Volodymyr Khanas.

Museum corners in educational institutions will be of a spiritual and patriotic nature and will collect interesting exhibits and memories of prominent people who studied at the school, of fallen Heroes and the history of the institution as a whole.


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