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Today, the memory of Stepan Bandera was commemorated in Lviv

Today, January 1, the memory of the head of the OUN Branch, Hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera was commemorated in Lviv on the occasion of the 114th anniversary of his birth.

The mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy, representatives of the regional authorities and the public laid flowers at the monument to Stepan Bandera. After that, there was a joint prayer for Ukraine.

Also, the son of the mayor of Lviv, Antoniy Sadovyi, honored the memory of the head of the OUN Branch together with the platoons.

“This is already traditional on January 1 in our family. And to a large family of plastuns from Stepan Bandera’s ch. 23 chicken coop.

The biography of Stepan Bandera is a story of indomitability. Prisons, concentration camps, persecution – these were all in his life. However, he carried his convictions with his head held high. On the example of Bandera, a new generation grew up, which went into battle with the new Moscow horde. A generation of winners.

Glory to Ukraine!” – wrote the mayor of the city Andriy Sadovy on his Facebook page.


Stepan Bandera is a Ukrainian politician, one of the ideologists and theoreticians of the Ukrainian nationalist movement of the 20th century, after the split of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, he became the head of the OUN-B Branch. As an active member of the UVO and OUN, he has the legally defined status of “Fighter for the independence of Ukraine in the 20th century”.

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