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Charity fair “Drohobych Kram” was held in Drohobych

The war has divided all conscious Ukrainians into two categories: some are defending the borders of our country with arms in hand, while others are actively donating and supporting the soldiers.

Educational institutions, entrepreneurs, individual organisations, creative teams, etc. are also involved in helping.

For example, Drohobych has already established a good tradition – a weekly charity fair called Drohobych Kram is held in the city. Its goal is simple: to bring together craftsmen from our region at one venue and, most importantly, to raise funds to support soldiers and help them close their current collections.

Another charity fair was held in the city on 11 May at a location near the Taras Shevchenko monument. Traditionally, the fair offered handmade products, jewellery, original souvenirs, books, glassware, etc. The proceeds from the sales, which amounted to over UAH 3 thousand, were donated to help the defenders of Ukraine.

The team of the Department of Culture and Tourism Development of Drohobych City Council organises the Drohobych Kram charity fair to bring the Victory closer to the beginning of the full-scale invasion. It has been held more than 50 times.


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