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Deputies voted to allocate funds for the purchase of an official car for the Chervonohrad district police department

On June 30, another session of the Chervonograd City Council took place. Deputies considered the issue “On the provision of one-time monetary assistance to wounded persons”, in particular, this draft decision provides for the allocation of UAH 10,000 each to ten servicemen for treatment as a result of being wounded during hostilities

Lyudmila Smalyuk, deputy head of the financial department, reported on the redistribution of budget expenditures of the Chervonograd city territorial community for 2022. The draft decision envisages the transfer of expenses to the executive committee, in particular, to reduce the allocation for wages with accruals in the amount of UAH 197,000 and direct them to the purchase of diesel fuel. In addition, funds were allocated for the Comprehensive Program of Financial Support of KP “Chervonograd City Dental Polyclinic” in the amount of 147,400 UAH, 40,000 UAH are provided for the improvement program of community settlements, and 416,000 UAH are directed to the Program for the repair of communally owned roads in settlements of the Chervonograd Territorial Community. Also, in accordance with this program, it is proposed to carry out relocations, namely: to reduce expenses for the ongoing repair of the road along the street. Banderas for UAH 735,000 and direct them to repair roads at other addresses in equal shares.

It is also planned to direct the funds of the General Fund in the amount of UAH 1,506,000 to the financial support of KP “Shkolyar” in connection with the liquidation of the enterprise, and UAH 465,000 is allocated for the needs of territorial defense. In addition, the draft decision provides for the allocation of UAH 1,000,000 to finance the military lyceum support program.

In addition, the draft decision proposed to transfer expenses under the program of development and financial support of the Sosniv city hospital, reducing the expenses provided for the payment of electricity by UAH 100,000, while at the same time increasing the salary accrual by this amount.

Also, the draft decision provides for the allocation of UAH 626,100 for the purchase of an official car for the Chervonograd District Police Department.

During the session, the deputies had the opportunity to listen to information from the head of the military lyceum, Ivan Sivovus, who spoke about how the reconstruction of the lyceum is ongoing, what works have already been completed, and outlined the future prospects of this educational institution.

The deputy of the Chervonograd district police department, Pavlo Tarasyuk, spoke about the criminogenic situation in the city and the state of fighting crime, noting that the Chervonograd district department is one of the leaders in the region in terms of a number of indicators related to the detection of certain types of crimes.

Deputies accepted the request for the immediate transfer of the VPU-11 dormitory to the balance sheet of the Chervonograd Territorial Community, which was voiced by Sofia Maidanovych. The owner of this building is the Ministry of Education and Science, which for many years has ignored the resolution of this issue in favor of the city. Today, during the war, many Ukrainians are forced to leave their homes, and for some of them, Chervonograd has become a shelter, where places for IDPs are arranged. In addition, there are international donor organizations, in particular GIZ, which are ready to participate in the reconstruction of this building.

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