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Wildlife immunisation against rabies to take place in Lviv region

The immunisation will last for three days, starting on 15 April.

A three-day immunisation of wild carnivores against rabies will be carried out in the Lviv region starting on Wednesday. For this purpose, the vaccine produced by the domestic manufacturer Orisvak will be used, which is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.

The vaccine is in the form of small nutritious briquettes. Their outer shell is made of meat and bone meal, which has a specific smell and attracts animals over long distances. Inside, there is a jelly-like capsule with rabies virus antigen. 21 days after eating the briquette, animals develop immunity against rabies, which lasts for at least a year.

Taking into account the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 64/2022 “On the introduction of martial law in Ukraine”, the distribution of the preventive vaccine in the amount of 304,850 doses is planned by ground distribution in the field and forest lands of the region outside the territories of settlements, swamps, reservoirs, roads and railways.

The vaccination will cover an area of 12,194 thousand km². By district:

  • Drohobych district covers 630 km²;
  • Zolochivskyi covers 1660 km²;
  • Lviv district covers 2688 km²;
  • Sambirsky covers 2,100 km²;
  • Stryisky – 2030 km²;
  • Chervonogradsky covers 1700 km²;
  • Yavorivsky covers 1,330 km²;
  • Lviv Municipal Transport Group covers 56 km².

According to the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, 56 cases of rabies were recorded in the region at the beginning of the year. Of these, 57% of cases were detected in wild animals, including 31 cases in foxes and 1 case in martens. The rest were in dogs and cats.

Please note! Oral vaccination measures are aimed at ensuring a stable epizootic situation with regard to rabies in the region by preventing the spread of the pathogen among wild carnivores, so if you find briquettes with the vaccine, please do not destroy them, pick them up, move them to other places, and leave them attractive to animals.

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