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An Office for Support of Servicemen and Members of Their Families has been established in Lviv Region

The main tasks of the Office are: – initial consultation of servicemen and their close relatives, identification of the problem, preparation of an algorithm (action plan) for solving the problem; – formation of a package of relevant documents, communication with responsible bodies, transfer of documents for decision-making;

– psychological support and detailed explanation of the issues of military service and participation in the area of ​​hostilities;

– assistance to relatives and families of servicemen in obtaining social benefits, searching in the registers of missing and captured (including the acquisition of the status of a person who went missing in special circumstances);

– free legal support on legal protection and restoration of the rights of servicemen (establishment of facts of legal significance; social guarantees, etc.).

The office is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00

Address: Lviv, street Copernicus 17,

tel .: +38 068 260 68 15.

We believe in victory! We support the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

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