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Fifty veterans and their families in Lviv want to develop their own business

50 female and male veterans and their relatives attended a one-day training session organized by the Lviv City Council on business support for families of defenders. The participants were told about voucher support – up to UAH 300,000 from the city to start or develop a veteran business – and answered questions about writing a grant application. This was the second time such training was held at the city hall.

By the way, the Lviv City Council is currently holding a competition for a veteran voucher. You can apply until March 1.

In total, the Lviv City Council already has 13 vouchers to support small and medium-sized businesses in the community. Among them is a voucher for veterans and their wives/husbands – up to UAH 300,000 to start or develop their own business.

“We see an active interest in our veteran business support program, so to help our defenders and their families prepare a grant application for the competition, we held a training for the second time. The first time we had 30 participants, and this time we had 50.

We presented a business voucher for veterans, told them how to apply for the competition, what they can spend the money on, what opportunities and conditions of participation exist,” said Yulia Trokhymchuk, deputy head of the business industries department of the Lviv City Council’s economic department.

Last year, the city issued 30 vouchers for both veterans and their wives. So this year we continued to support the families of defenders.

Veterans who have already received a business voucher also came to the training. They shared their stories of developing their own businesses.

As a reminder, the Lviv City Council has announced a competition for voucher support for businesses run by veterans and their wives or husbands. You can apply until March 1, 2024.

Earlier, we told you about the businesses of veterans and their wives that the city supported: Lyudmyla Bednarska’s beauty salon, Oleh Zayets’s rehabilitation room, Andrii Drobit’s Garden of Dreams, Stanislav Lisovyi’s volunteer car service, Roman Kachalaba’s eco-farm, Maryna Titarenko’s creative workshop, Roman Paramushchak’s photo studio, and Yurii Opalinskyi’s mobile delivery service.

In total, in 2023, Lviv City Council supported businesses with 492 vouchers worth UAH 46.4 million from the city budget. More information about the voucher assistance to small and medium-sized businesses provided by the city during martial law can be found here.

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