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Schools and kindergartens in Drohobych district will inspect and equip shelters

Schools and kindergartens in Drohobych district will inspect and equip shelters
The resumption of the educational process in educational institutions under martial law is not possible without the presence in the building or near it of shelters or shelters, where students and educators can hide in case of danger.

Recently, the Drohobych District Military Administration hosted a meeting with the leadership of the Drohobych District Department of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Lviv Oblast, heads of education and civil protection departments of the district’s territorial communities.

According to Serhiy Yukhnovsky, Chief Civil Protection Specialist of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Lviv Oblast, there are currently 13 civil defense structures registered in the emergency service, which are subject to mandatory verification of their compliance with the equipment requirements. The inspection process must be completed by June 30.

The inspection of objects that can be adapted for shelters will start on July 1. At this stage, all schools, as well as preschools in the area will be inspected. By the end of this week, each local community should set up special shelter commissions, which will include SES specialists. All inspection processes and in case of shortcomings in their elimination in the existing shelters, as well as the installation of new ones must be completed by August 5.

As for the requirements for the shelter itself, it should be located in basements or semi-basements in the building of the educational institution or at a distance of up to 100 meters (at least up to 500 meters). It must also be equipped with a ventilation system, bathrooms, seats, a minimum amount of drinking water and more. Estimated area per person – 0.6 square meters. Possible shelter can be in both communal and private ownership, in both cases a contract will be concluded.

Coordination work on the arrangement and inspection of shelters is carried out by the relevant structural units of the Drohobych District Military Administration – the Department of Education and Civil Protection.

“The necessary number of shelters definitely requires funding, which was not included in the budgets, but it is first and foremost the safety of our children and educators, so here we need to work together and organize all security measures as soon as possible. If the number of places in the shelter is not enough for all students of the school, the training will have to be organized in two shifts. Without this, it will be impossible to start the educational process on September 1, “said Petro Sushko, head of the Department of Education, Health, Youth and Sports of the Drohobych RBA.

According to the head of the civil defense department of Drohobych RVA Igor Shevchyk, a separate meeting will be held with the heads of private and state-owned educational institutions in the district, which are also required to provide students with conditions under which their lives will be safe.

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