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The shopping center in Lviv will build a nine-story ground parking lot

On July 22, the executive committee of the LMR approved the decision “On the approval of urban planning conditions and restrictions for the design of the construction object for the new construction of the Maya multi-functional administrative and shopping center with parking on the street. T. Shevchenko, 111-А in the city of Lviv”, according to which a private entrepreneur will build a multi-level parking lot.

“It is about the intention to build a large parking lot to meet the needs of the shopping center, which was already built there before, and to shape the territory that is around, and to arrange small amounts of office space on the side of the street. Shevchenko. The parking lot will be above-ground, nine-storey,” explained Anton Kolomeytsev, head of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the LMR.

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