Влада працює

In Lviv, a public space will be arranged at the market place

Ринок «Любінське сяйво» перенесуть, а на його місці облаштують громадський простір

“At one time, a few years ago, it was agreed and decided that entrepreneurs from here would go to a plot nearby, on Sadova Street, 2A Street. Petliura

To do this, this site was officially reserved for the construction of a communal market under the LLP “Agency of Resources of the Lviv City Council”.

Nothing changes in this logistics, but we will speed up the pace of market construction. That’s why the decision was made today during the meeting of the executive committee,” Lviv’s Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning Lubomyr Zubach said.

The area where the communal market is to be moved will be cleaned and put in order by city services. Also, what is important, all engineering networks will be connected here. There is already an investor who is ready to finance it.

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