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A new service will be launched in Lviv – the departure of TsNAP employees to residents

The “Mobile Administrator” service will be available for residents of the Lviv community, who cannot visit the National Medical Center due to their health. You can use it already from Monday, July 18.

As Valentina Bartoshyk, director of the city’s administrative services department, explains, the city wants to make services available to all residents in this way. This service can be used by people with disabilities of the 1st group, military personnel, and those who are on long-term inpatient treatment and need outside care.

“To order the service, you need to call Tsnap or fill out an electronic application on the website of the city council. The administrator will process the application and, having agreed on the date and time of the visit, will come to the resident. A specially equipped case allows you to provide services in any place – whether in an apartment or in another room where a person is,” says Valentina Bartoshyk.

Among the services that can be ordered “on the spot”, there are social protection services, housing services, services of district administrations, state registration management, various extracts, certificates and others. A detailed list of services is in the appendix below.

Tsnap support service: (032) 2975795; e-mail service.center@lvivcity.gov.ua; Tsnap page: https://city-adm.lviv.ua/services/

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