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A Center for social and psychological assistance to women victims of domestic violence was opened in Sokal

There is a child-friendly crisis room on the premises.

The Center for Assistance to Persons Victims of Domestic Violence and/or Gender-Based Violence has officially opened in Sokal. Comprehensive social-psychological and primary legal assistance will be provided here.

Girls and women who have experienced gender-based violence can contact the center. The center has conditions for short-term (10 days) accommodation with a child, because there is a crisis room. If during this time the woman cannot find another accommodation, the period of stay is extended. 8 people can live in the center at the same time.

“During a full-scale war, Ukrainians witness the violence committed by our enemies. Internal feelings of injustice, and as a result, malice, despair or aggression often turn into domestic violence. This topic was taboo in our society for a long time – it was often silenced by families who experienced domestic violence. Unfortunately, children become eyewitnesses to domestic quarrels. But now we are more open not only to talk about the problem, but also to solve it. Thanks to the communities that establish such institutions. After all, this is the support and security of your seats. Thank you to the partners from the UN who joined the project”, – stressed the deputy head of the Lviv OVA Hrystyna Zamula.

The population of Sokal city community is almost 53 thousand people. In 2023, local law enforcement agencies recorded 154 appeals from women who experienced domestic violence.

The project was implemented by the Sokal City Council with the financial support of the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine. The total cost of major repairs and equipment of the center amounted to 2 million 480 thousand hryvnias.

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