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Repair work is ongoing in the future Sosniv shelter for IDPs

The other day, Deputy Mayor Mykola Mysak and a representative of the contracting organization, which is carrying out major repairs of the future shelter for IDPs in the building of the Sosniv Children’s and Youth Creativity Center, inspected the progress of works at the facility. We would like to remind you that the contracting organization (PP Luchyn V.S.) is carrying out major repairs of corridors, two bathrooms, kitchen and dining room, and will also replace 10 doors, 24 wooden windows with metal-plastic ones and install boilers.

According to the representative of the contractor, Anatoly Galayda, on the fourth floor of the building, dismantling work has already been carried out in the bathrooms and the kitchen, and the cement screed of the floor is currently being done there. In addition, foam blocks for masonry of toilet and shower cubicles were imported. Masters also dismantle internal sewage and water supply networks. Previously, completion of work on the fourth floor is planned for August 10.

Deputy Mayor Mykola Mysak also commented on the progress of the repair works. “At the state level, there is a clearly defined task that general education institutions should start the new academic year in a full-time format. Therefore, we analyzed which premises in our community could serve as a temporary shelter for internally displaced persons who currently live in kindergartens and schools. We stopped our choice on the buildings, which at one time were the sleeping buildings of the former boarding school in the city of Sosnivka. These buildings were somewhat converted to meet educational needs – one housed a children’s and youth creative center, the other housed a music school. Since the premises of the children’s and youth creativity building required smaller capital investments for conversion, the renovations were started in this building. We have divided the repair work that needs to be done here into three stages. The first stage is the overhaul of the premises on the fourth floor, the second stage is the replacement of internal engineering networks, and the third stage is the repair of the premises on the third floor.

To date, a decision has been made regarding the financing of works on the fourth floor – here the repair estimate is about UAH 970,000. Costs for replacing engineering networks (water supply, drainage and partially electrical installation works) – about UAH 400,000, estimated cost of works on the third floor – UAH 700,000.

We had the opportunity to inspect the progress of works at the facility, which began on June 20. Dismantling works are now underway, i.e. disassembly of floor structures, internal engineering networks, cleaning of surfaces for decoration. The pace, for today, is satisfactory. However, the situation is somewhat complicated for us by the issue of payments for the work performed. To date, there is no advance payment for the works being performed today, so they are carried out at the expense of the contractor.

Repairs in the living rooms, where internally displaced persons will live, will be implemented within the framework of the project “Building Ukraine together”. Therefore, volunteers will work here to renovate 30 rooms, carry out internal electrical and decoration work.

In addition, we are considering another source of funding for repair work in the Sosniv shelter for IDPs. We plan to implement this as part of the project of fair transformation of coal regions, and Mayor Andriy Zalivskyi is already working on it. Currently, we have a promise from partners to attract 200,000 euros for the needs of repairing the second building, where the music school was located, because this building is in a much worse condition and needs more capital investments. If up to 3,000,000 hryvnias are needed to repair the house of creativity, then the first estimate of the cost of work on the music school is 6-7 million hryvnias. All windows and doors should be replaced there and a number of capital works should be carried out in order to adapt this building for the residence of IDPs.

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