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Veterans in Lviv are invited to therapeutic meetings in a circle of brothers

Habilitation, the first habilitation center for veterans in Ukraine, conducts a therapeutic community for veterans on the basis of the Lviv Center for the provision of services to combatants. Meetings take place every Wednesday at 19:00 in the branch of the center on the street. Generala Chuprinka, 85. You need to register to participate.

The mentor is the head of the habilitation process, veteran and psychologist Serhiy Titarenko.

“Being in a community means having support and understanding, it’s a joint search for a constructive solution, the ability to speak without shame and not be afraid of being judged.

We are waiting for you if you are a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war or continue to defend our country or are in an acute condition after being wounded, if you want positive changes, returning to civilian life after participating in hostilities, are ready to become part of the community, support it and take an active part . Let’s destroy society’s stereotypes about the consequences of war among veterans together, so that our lives do not stand on pause, but are full of meaning again,” the organizers invite.

You can register for the meeting by following the link.

We will remind you that the first Lviv center in Ukraine for providing services to combatants has been operating for 8 years. Here, defenders, veterans and their relatives, as well as relatives of fallen Heroes, receive free consultations and assistance every day. It was one of the first centers in Ukraine, which was created for soldiers and their relatives, where they can receive all comprehensive assistance on an equal-to-equal basis.

Contacts of the Lviv center for providing services to combatants: Lviv, str. Pekarska, 41 (main office) and St. Generala Chuprinka, 85 (center branch). Phone: 0739628325.

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