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From tomorrow, passenger traffic will be resumed in the Sokal community

Вартість перевезень по місту Сокаль становитиме 10 гривень

Today, the residents of the community had an unpleasant surprise – the carrier did not carry out passenger traffic in the community

Yesterday at the meeting of the budget commission of the Sokal City Council with the participation of deputies and representatives of LLC “Auto-Line” no compromise was reached between the deputies and the carrier on the amount of compensation for unprofitable transportation on routes

As a result, today Auto-Line LLC arbitrarily stopped passenger transportation to settlements, arguing that most routes are unprofitable, there are few passengers, and fuel and spare parts are significantly more expensive.

A meeting on this situation was held immediately in the morning.

As a result of negotiations between Mayor Serhiy Kasyan and representatives of Auto-Line LLC, a compromise solution was reached with the assistance and financial support of Andriy Dyachenko, Head of the Chervonohrad District Military Administration, and passenger traffic will be resumed today (on some routes tomorrow). Today, temporary agreements on the organization of passenger traffic were signed.

We would like to thank Andriy Dyachenko, the head of the Chervonohrad District Military Administration, and the Sokal City Council for fruitful cooperation, the Sokal City Council said.

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