The design of the Nezlamni rehabilitation center continues in Lviv

“We are entering the stage of designing two large buildings: these are the rehabilitation building and the surgery building”, – A. Sadovy about the “Nezlamni” rehabilitation center

The mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovy, told what stage the creation of the Nezlamni national rehabilitation center is currently at.

“We have a big goal – to build an ecosystem of rehabilitation in our country. We have the support of all related structures, and today we must all together give Ukrainians a chance at life. At least where it is possible. And Lviv shows an example in this. Because even if a person was seriously injured, one has to live. Pregnant women who came here under stress have to give birth. I have to move forward.

Today, we are entering the stage of designing two large buildings: these are the rehabilitation building and the surgery building. That is, it is the training of people. The next stages are the production of prostheses. We should have our own powerful production of prostheses in Ukraine. Next – psychological rehabilitation, social rehabilitation. This is a chance to have a normal life for the elderly, for children, for women. This system provides full-fledged housing, full-fledged opportunities to engage in sports, etc.,” said the mayor of Lviv.

We will remind you that the national rehabilitation center “UNBROKEN” will be a center where more than 50 thousand Ukrainians will be able to receive physical, psychological and social rehabilitation every year. Surgery, in particular reconstructive, as well as orthopedics and robotic prosthetics, is a separate direction. Here, bone bioimplants and exoskeletons will be installed, reconstructive operations on limbs and hand microsurgery, endoprosthetics will be performed.

On the day of the presentation of the “Unbreakable” project, patrons collected more than 2 million euros, and the German city of Freiburg will allocate 1 million euros for the construction of a dormitory for patients of the rehabilitation center. The Lviv IT Cluster will also finance the creation of the Mental Health Center in Lviv, which will work within the Nezlamni center.

Project website: https://unbroken.org.ua/

Details for donations: https://unbroken.org.ua/donate.html

FB: https://www.facebook.com/unbroken.ua

Instagram: https://bit.ly/3HaBiXS

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