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Military serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Herman Zolotaryov from the Lviv region won two medals in athletics at the SSA competitions

Змагання Повітряних сил США: є медалі в бігу та стрільбі з лука

The United States Air Force and Marine Corps Trials, an adaptive sports competition for wounded military personnel, continues in Las Vegas.

The representative of Lviv Oblast, military serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Herman Zolotaryov won two medals in athletics:

🥇gold in the 1500 m race, category 5.0 (amputation of one upper limb)
🥇gold in the 800 m race, category 5.0 (amputation of one upper limb)

Another serviceman of the Armed Forces Oleksandr Kataula won:

🥈 silver medal in individual archery competitions
🥇gold medal in team archery competitions together with Ivano-Frankivsk Yuriy Gaponchuk and Kyivan Igor Saliy.

The US Air Force competition will continue until March 14. Four representatives of Lviv Oblast performed at the tournament. We will remind that earlier medals were also placed in the coffers of the Ukrainian national team by the serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ihor Butenko (second place in powerlifting) and the serviceman of NSU Yuriy Brel (gold in sitting volleyball and two bronzes in swimming).

“As a result of Russian aggression and military operations in Ukraine, the number of war veterans who have lost their health and work capacity due to injuries is rapidly increasing. The social orientation of sports became the foundation for the birth and development of sports of war veterans as a social phenomenon of the modern era, the main goal of which is the socialization of war veterans by providing opportunities for systematic sports activities and participation in competitions at the all-Ukrainian and international levels,” adds the head of the Youth and Sports Department of Lviv Oblast military administration Roman Khimyak.

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