The key for the previous day: there was a threat of a missile attack on the Lviv region from the territory of Belarus

Last day, there were two air alert alerts due to enemy actions in the Lviv region.

This was announced by the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration Maksym Kozytskyi.

“On November 20, at 09:15, sirens announced an air alert. There was a danger of being hit by cruise missiles from Belarus. The threat did not come true. Everything is calm in the region,” said the head of the Lviv Oblast.

He also informed that planned power outages will continue in Lviv Oblast today, as in all regions, and to find out information about outages at your address, you need to go to the Lvivoblenergo website.

“Why don’t they turn off the lights in all? As Lvivoblenergo explained, if there are critical infrastructure facilities, medical facilities on the power line, then most likely there will be no blackouts. The reason is clear – you cannot leave areas important for life without power objects, respectively – electricity will also be supplied to some consumers who are connected to this line. There is positive news from “Ukrenergo”: during the weekend, it was possible to somewhat ease the restrictions on electricity consumption. As of this hour, no additional emergency shutdowns are planned in our region “, – said Maksym Kozytskyi.

Last day, another 58 people arrived in Lviv from the epicenters of hostilities on two evacuation trains, and 530 people left for Przemyśl from the Lviv region on four trains.

“Through checkpoints in the Lviv region, 17,319 people left Ukraine in 24 hours. 20,342 people were registered for entry, 19,486 of them Ukrainians,” Maksym Kozytskyi added.

The regional police processed 1,045 complaints about suspicious persons and objects.

“Passage on the state and local roads of Lviv Oblast is secured. The surface is wet in places. Drivers, take this into account,” the head of Lviv Oblast emphasized.

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