Fallen defender of Ukraine Roman Boyko from Drohobych region may be awarded the honorary title of “Hero of Ukraine”: signatures are being collected

Roman Boyko, a native of the Drohobych community, who gave his life defending his country from the enemy, may be awarded the honorary title of “Hero of Ukraine” (posthumously). The relevant petition was registered on 13 May on the official website of the President of Ukraine.

Roman Boyko was born in the village of Hai Nyzhni, Drohobych community. Above all, he loved his family and Ukraine. Everyone who knew him says that people like him are very rare. Roman was brave, strong, courageous, honest, kind, and always ready to support and give the last of himself to make another person feel good. He had golden hands and always succeeded in everything.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Roman took up arms and stood up to defend his homeland. He was a gunner-assistant to the grenade launcher of the 3rd airmobile division of the 2nd airmobile platoon of the 13th airmobile company of the 4th airmobile battalion of the military unit A4355.

On his last combat mission, during an artillery shelling, Roman sustained an explosive injury incompatible with life. He died on 26 April 2024, defending our homeland until his last breath, near the village of Stelmakhivka, Svatove district, Luhansk region.

Roman’s family, friends and comrades-in-arms are proud of him – a man with a capital M, who fulfilled his duty as a citizen of Ukraine with honour and dignity.

<“During the implementation of measures to ensure the defence of Ukraine, he never complained that it was difficult for him, on the contrary, he always found words of support, saying that Ukraine would soon win and he would definitely return home. He sincerely believed in our victory to the last and did his best to bring it closer,” the petition reads.

You can support the petition to award the fallen defender the title of “Hero of Ukraine” by following the link: https://petition.president.gov.ua/petition/226238 .

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