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Balconies and loggias: who is responsible for repair and maintenance?

Most apartment buildings in the city have balconies and loggias. These parts of the building also need to be repaired and restored, as they suffer from various external factors and daily exposure to weather conditions.

This issue is especially relevant for old buildings located in the central part of the city and local architectural monuments.

In order to avoid balcony destruction and prevent possible casualties, it is necessary to properly maintain and timely repair and restore damaged areas.

The Utility Company reminds that in accordance with DBN B.2.2-15-2019 “Residential buildings. Basic Provisions”, balconies and loggias are included in the total area of the apartment with the appropriate coefficients and are not common areas for homeowners.

Therefore, in case of such a need, measures for the proper maintenance and repair of balconies should be taken directly by the homeowners.

As for residential buildings located in the central part of the city and included in the list of architectural monuments of local importance, the owners of such apartments must comply with certain standards. The balcony must comply with the approved passport for the facade decoration of the building, i.e. balconies in such buildings can be restored while maintaining their original appearance. In case of violation of such requirements, apartment owners will be held liable.

Apartment owners who plan to repair their balconies in the central part of the city are advised to consult with the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the City Council before starting work.


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