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Free legal aid for military personnel and war veterans

Servicemen and women may have many issues that require legal assistance. Such assistance can be obtained from the free legal aid system.

The system’s lawyers note that servicemen and veterans are one of the largest categories of citizens seeking free legal aid. Last year, more than 24,000 applications were received from this category of clients.

Servicemen and women can apply to the FLA system for advice, explanations, and assistance in drafting documents, except for documents for applying to the court.

Combatants are also entitled to free legal aid in applying to the court – representation in court, drafting documents for applying to the court by a lawyer or attorney.

What issues are addressed

The issues addressed by servicemen and war veterans to the FLA system vary, including the following: the procedure for exercising their rights, appealing against actions or inaction of a military unit, authorities, registration or recalculation of pensions, other social payments and benefits, resolving family issues: alimony, divorce, inheritance, etc.

How the FLA system helps

Helped a soldier go abroad to spend a holiday with his family

Viktor has been serving in the Armed Forces since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. His wife and children went abroad. He turned to the FLA system to find out if he could go to his family. There, the military man was explained step by step what documents he needed to collect and where to submit them to obtain the appropriate permit. After following all the recommendations, the man successfully travelled and finally saw his family.

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Confusion with a house number almost prevented a veteran from receiving benefits

Roman is a combat veteran. Due to the fact that his house and the neighbouring one have exactly the same number, he was unable to apply for utility benefits. Roman turned to the legal aid bureau. The lawyer found out that since the local executive committee refused to correct the addresses, the issue could only be resolved in court. So the lawyer filed a lawsuit to declare the refusal unlawful. The court granted the claim and ordered the executive committee of the council to change the address of Roman’s house.

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A carrier denied a veteran a reduced fare – pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage was recovered

Petro wanted to exercise his right to free travel, but when he presented his combat veteran’s certificate at the bus station, he was refused. To protect his rights, the man turned to the FLA system. To challenge these actions, a lawyer cooperating with the FLA system prepared and filed a statement of claim with the court. The court granted the application, in particular, decided to recover UAH 290 in compensation for material damage and UAH 1,000 in non-pecuniary damage in Petro’s favour.

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More stories of protecting the rights and interests of war veterans and their families can be found in the collection: bit.ly/3NPOPJh

How to apply to the free legal aid system



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