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Free legal aid: what services can be obtained?

In Ukraine, you can get legal services free of charge.

They are provided, in particular, by the system of free legal aid (BAD).

The BPD system has a network of legal aid access points throughout Ukraine and provides legal advice by phone and online.

The provision of legal services is guaranteed by the Law of Ukraine “On Free Legal Aid” and is fully financed by the State Budget of Ukraine.

Services provided by the BPD system
1. Consultations of lawyers on legal issues, assistance with the drafting of legal documents (except for court documents) are provided free of charge to everyone.
2. Assistance with court appeals (representation of interests, drafting of procedural documents) — provided to categories of citizens defined in Article 14 of the Law of Ukraine “On Free Legal Aid”, in particular:
– to people with disabilities
– to people with low income
– IDPs
– to children
– to war veterans
– to family members of deceased veterans, Defenders and Defenders of Ukraine
– victims of domestic violence
– detained, suspected, accused, convicted
– to others

More details: https://legalaid.gov.ua/kliyentam/pro-bezoplatnu-pravovu-dopomogu-bpd/

How to contact the BPD system: https://legalaid.gov.ua/kliyentam/yak-otrymaty-bpd/


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