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A citywide prayer for Ukraine will take place in Lviv on Friday

On Friday, April 15, representatives of the city’s Christian denominations will hold a joint citywide prayer for victory over the Russian aggressor and peace in Ukraine. The prayer will begin at 15:00 in the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, which is on the street. Theatrical, 13.

The chaplain of the Lviv City Council, Father Pavlo Drozdyak, stressed that this prayer will become the voice of a sick country.

“On Good Friday according to the Gregorian calendar, the prayer of the Ukrainian Church in the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul will be especially eloquent. This place of prayer was chosen not by chance, because this church is a witness to the great faith of the people of Ukraine in God and the Ukrainian army. It is here that the representatives of the Christian denominations of Lviv will unite in common prayer, asking God for endurance in the Way of the Cross of Ukraine, sharing the sufferings of our people that he is experiencing. Today our people carry the cross, so we gather together for prayer, which has no script, but will become the voice of our crucified Ukraine, “said Father Pavlo Drozdyak.

Therefore, all those who care are invited to join the prayer. After all, the prayer front is also of special importance.

“Our Armed Forces are fighting the enemy at the front, but prayer is also an integral part of our path to victory. Representatives of the city’s Christian denominations will gather together in the Garrison Church on the street. Theatrical for common prayer for our victory and prayerful remembrance of those who died at the hands of the aggressor. On this day, most Christians around the world will celebrate Good Friday, when it seemed that evil is stronger, but we know that life still defeated death, “- said the director of the” Administration of the Mayor “of Lviv City Council Eugene Boyko.

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