Духовне життя

In Yavorov, children are invited to spend summer vacation with God

In a week, children will get a lot of impressions and positive emotions. After all, during martial law, it is important to look for opportunities to distract children from air anxieties, stress and negative emotions. From August 7 to 12 at the parish Church of St. Vlkmch. Seminarians of Yuriy Peremozhets, together with Yury Youth, organize the Happy Holidays with God camp for children aged 7-12 years.

Registration using the QR code (indicated in the ad) lasts until August 2. For detailed information, contact 0631580507 Mykhailo Fylianets 0633175424 Yaroslav Puzych The Assumption Parish of the Holy Mother of God UGCC Yavoriv invites children to “Vacations with God” from July 24 to 29!

Detailed information on the poster

And registration in the temple or via the link: https://forms.gle/SsUnJHShcYqewh6M8

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