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At Zarudtsy, the restoration of the monument of architecture of national importance – the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord is being completed

At Zarudtsakh, the renovation of the temple is being completed. As if they had seen an old wooden church, dated 1787, at the department of the city agglomeration, dated 1787, already covered it with a honey plaque and often covered it with wood in the middle and bells. The lower tier was left behind.

“Before Zarudtsy became a part of the Lviv MTG, the region began to work on restoration. The place did the same and saw the subvention. Prote koshti were not mastered, but turned to the Moscow budget.

Niny before the restoration of the temple, the National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage reached the Polonika cordon. Zim Institute has long been successfully spivpratsyu mіske management of the protection of historical recession. Zokrema, for the support of Polonika, Polish-Ukrainian groups of restorers work on the chapels and tombstones on Lichakiv, on the frescoes of the Garnison Church and the Cathedral of Virmensk. Now “Polonika” is helping to complete the restoration of the church in 2020. Vlasne Institute has provided the church with 750 kg of midi,” the department of the Moscow Agglomeration of the LMR was informed.

The old church has a unique iconostasis, creations from the other half of the 17th century. Yogo was prepared at the Lviv icon-painting school for the commemoration of the Krekhiv monastery. And later they sold it and transported it to the cathedral near Zarudtsy. Mayzha, the entire iconostasis is placed over a baroque stylized wooden curtain, like yangoli.ospodnogo

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