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The flame of peace for the defenders: the platoon handed over a gift from Bethlehem to the servicemen of the PvC “Zahid”

Ukrainian scouts continue the annual tradition.

Members of the youth organization “Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine” visited the troops of the “Zahid” PvC and presented them with the Bethlehem flame of peace, which they received from their scout friends.

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The head of the chaplaincy service of the air command, lieutenant colonel Borys Hnatusko, emphasized the importance of this annual tradition and thanked the scouts for continuing it.

“Thank you for this fire. May such a fire be in each of your families. And most importantly, keep what you have now – the fire in your soul and heart. Glory to Ukraine!” – lieutenant colonel Borys Hnatusko wishes

Passing the Bethlehem Flame of Peace, Plast representatives expressed great support for all defenders of Ukraine.

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