Інші види спорту

Chervonohrad residents are the winners of basketball competitions under the programme of Lviv Sports Games

On June 8, Sokal hosted a 3×3 basketball competition under the programme of the XXXIII Lviv Sports Games

Fourteen teams competed for the tournament awards, but the best results were shown by the men’s and women’s teams of our hromada. As a result, Chervonohrad won a double gold medal.

Congratulations to our champions Maria Blyznyuk, Daryna Makar, Svitlana Kachan, Yulia Gulavska, Mykola Leibyk, Oleksandr Tyndyk, Danylo Lemega and Roman Fedash!

By the way, in the overall standings of the XXXIII Lviv Oblast Sports Games, the Chervonohradska AH confidently leads the overall ranking among 73 hromadas of the oblast!

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