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Paralympic skiers from Lviv region on the podium of the Ukrainian championship

The Western Rehabilitation and Sports Centre in the village of Yavoriv has completed the Ukrainian Cross-Country Skiing Championships for athletes with hearing impairments, which lasted from 14 to 16 February. Our athlete Yaroslav Gulyovaty won a silver medal in the sprint.

Since 16 February, the Ukrainian Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon Championships among people with musculoskeletal disorders have been taking place at this base. Pavel Bal has already won a gold medal and Vasily Kravchuk a bronze medal in the 5 km race. The competition will last until 18 February.

“We would like to remind you that two stages of the World Cup have recently finished in Italy, where our paraplegics Pavel Bal and Vasily Kravchuk competed. They won eight medals between them. We are pleased that our athletes are strong both at the national and international level,” said Roman Khimyak, Head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

All three athletes represent the Lviv Regional Centre “Invasport”. Yaroslav Gulyovaty and Vasyl Kravchuk are coached by Volodymyr Lyubizhanin, and Pavlo Bal is coached by Bohdan Dobransky.

By the way, Pavlo Bal is the hero of one of the episodes of the film series “Return”, which was implemented as part of the management project “League of the Unconquered”. The film tells the story of a return to full life after an injury through sports rehabilitation. You can watch the episode about Pavlo here:

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